Wedding planning can induce stress, which can lead to short fuses — which can lead to fights between you and your spouse over things you never pictured yourself bickering about.

We get it. And because we do, we know these are a few  things no bride wants to hear her groom say as she plans what could be the biggest event of their lives.

  1. “Do we really need that?”

Whether he’s questioning your choice of salad dressing or wondering if you can cut the DJ in favor of an iPod playlist, of course you want your guy’s support, not his doubt.

  1. “We can’t get married then — champion league finals is on that night!”

Unless the main striker is a groomsman, no woman wants to schedule her wedding around a sports team’s schedule!

  1. “We scheduled the bachelor party for the night before our wedding.”

A bride has enough to worry about without wondering just how hungover her man will be when she meets him at the altar.

  1. “I don’t care.”

Ouch. While your guy doesn’t have to have an opinion on every tiny wedding detail, hearing “I don’t care” when it comes to your menu, color scheme or theme can really hurt.

  1. “The photographer’s too expensive. I’ve got a friend with an awesome DSLR, and he can take our pictures!”

Attempts to save money are admirable. But trusting an amateur to document your big day is borderline crazy.

  1. “I want [insert friend you hate] to be my best man.”

Knowing you’ll have to spend the day side-by-side a jerk is sure to add to your soaring stress levels.

If you have some good ones share them below in the comment section.

Let have a laugh !!!


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