There are three ways in which you could tackle this cake.


Three ways range from easy to complicated and I will talk my way through all three.


  1. Easy option: Round cake which is decorated.


This is the easiest way in which to create a minion cake.


Basically you have to cook a round cake first. Let this cool before you work with it.

Then you need to place the yellow icing all the way around the cake. (If you need tips on how to do this then please take a look at the video I have included towards the end of this hub.)

Then you need to add the detailed icing. There are a few methods you can use to ‘glue’ the icing onto the side. Egg whites, wet icing or my favourite heated jam.

Cut the other icing into the required shapes, coat the back of it with the heated jam or other ‘glue’ and then place against the iced cake where you want it. Hold it there for a while until you are sure it is stuck.

I then noticed that I had a few cracks in the icing – it was my first time after all! The way I repared this was to get a little water, wetting my finger with it I rubbed lightly on the icing. The icing then dissolved with the water and was then moved into the cracks – once it dried then the cracks were filled in.

I would recommend doing the clothes first. With this minion cake I cut a rectangle for the front. I then cut a long strip for the straps. I placed the rectangle at the front first and held it in place for a while. The straps I then placed on one corner of this and worked it around the cake to the other corner.

I then made sausage shapes for the arms and ‘glued’ them onto the side too, just underneath the blue of the straps on either side. This secured the blue band a little more.

The silver of the goggles was sprayed with shimmer spray after it was cut into shape. This did take alot of coats though even though I didn’t have much icing to coat.

I have to admit, I struggled to get a nice black from colouring icing, like I have suggested above so the black was shop brought. But this was roled into a long strip, round buttons and the fists. Using the last parts of it I moulded spikes for the hair and the mouth, by making a narrow sausage.

The tongue was fun to make. Using pink icing, mould into shape and using a knife cut down the middle to create the look.

The eyes were made by just cutting out round shapes out of the icing I had left and a the pupils were just moulded from brown icing (mixing food colours made this colour!)

This was all done while I left the yellow to set on the cake.

Then I added the other icing by glueing it to the right places. Each time holding it in place for a while.

The last thing I did was to get a fork and push this into the icing on the blue clothes to create a textured look.

It took me some time to ice this cake, probably due to it being my first time so I was very careful and kept on checking myself but I hope you agree that it came out really well.


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