1)Book way ahead. The farther you plan in advance, the better deal you’ll get. Whether you purchase an all-in-one resort or cruise package or painstakingly put the pieces together yourself on the Internet, the earlier you start working, the better.

Booking early means a year or close to it; by even six months ahead of your trip, most of the deals evaporate. ”


2) Or wait until the last minute. If you are flexible in your travel plans and can live with some uncertainty, there’s a lot to be said for booking travel at the last minute — say two weeks before the wedding. “These days, the cheapest travel is to be had either 10 to 11 months in advance or at the last minute,” says Fields. “Sign up for airline newsletters that advertise last-minute bargain fares and packages or visit travel Web sites for these types of deals.”

3) Plan your honeymoon for the lower seasons.

Airlines and hotels have a predictable calendar with price points for their lower seasons. Plan your honeymoon around September or October. Most travel businesses give amazing rates especially air travel and accommodation. You might be surprised how much you can get by just picking the right season.

4) Ask for freebies and barter for services. Everyone loves newlyweds, so take advantage of this nearly universal sentimentality by asking for discounts or freebies. If you tell your waiter that you’re on your honeymoon, you may get a free dessert or bottle of wine. Ask the desk clerk at the hotel where you’re staying for any free upgrades, as well.

5) Scout deals out in advance. If you’re set on an adventurous honeymoon, check out official tourism Web sites and travel guides for discount-minded travelers in advance, Fields recommends. Most tour companies have Web sites these days and many offer coupons, especially if you’re willing to commit to taking a tour on a less popular day such as Wednesday.

Remember, you can over schedule your honeymoon by packing in too many activities. You really don’t have to do something every day. Extra tours and trips like snorkeling really add costs to your honeymoon, so be selective about the tours and special activities that you do commit to.”

6)Cut back on the length of your trip. Couples who budget too tightly may be disappointed at the quality of their hotel. She recommends cutting down on the length of a trip, say from 10 days to seven days, and upgrading to a better hotel, rather than risk spending one of the most important trips of your life in a flea-bag.

7) Consider a package or all-inclusive. If you’ve got enough on your hands planning the wedding, take advantage of package or all-inclusive trips. Many resorts offer packages that not only include meals, but also popular activities such as wind surfing or scuba diving.

Just make sure that you really want to take advantage of these opportunities, otherwise you’ll be paying for things that you won’t use. Also, if you’re the type who gets bored eating dinner at the same place every night, you may end up paying for meals both at the resort and at off-resort restaurants, which doesn’t make a lot of sense.

You can book such trips yourself on the Internet or through a travel agent. When you use a travel agent you have a safety net if something goes wrong because they can help you out if you have a problem. Whichever route you choose, consider buying travel insurance in case your resort is flattened by a hurricane the day before you’re scheduled to arrive.






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